Hotline Miami Chapter 7 with Bonus Footage

Hotline Miami

How are everyone today? I hope everyone survived the heat wave the past few days (those who are in southern California or anywhere else that got warm all of a sudden)

I’m back with more Hotline Miami, unfortunately when I recorded it my mic was on mute, I was raging by myself for the longest time with the frustration of fighting the evil evil biker for way longer than I should. I felt like a complete n00b after I edit the bonus footage, I knew I died a lot but I didn’t expect it to be that much. 😦 Am I the only one that had a hard time fighting him?

For the bonus video I added in a death counter it can go kind of fast but just to show you when I say I’m a n00b at this game I wasn’t’ kidding hahah. Please stay tuned for more videos and updates! 🙂 If you have any suggestions on what games I should play, or any advice and feedback please feel free to let me know! Till next times, thanks for reading!

Again you can check out all of my Hotline Miami videos HERE and I also added an extra fail n00bage bonus footage.

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