Zombie Bite featuring Mr. Boom Boom

Hope you guys are having a good day so far, today I decided to post something a little off topic from gaming and I guess be a little more intimate with those who reads my posts. Maybe get to know me a little more than that person who does Lets-Play-Hotline Miami hahaha or maybe just a little bit of mindless rambling. 🙂 Warning: may contain semi-gory pics later. But here I bring you Mr. Boom Boom (and retro glasses) For those who don’t know.. That is a Boomer plush from the game Left 4 Dead 2.


Today was like any other day I go to work, got home and change into my workout clothes and go running, I looked down and see the huge scar on my shin and thought to myself it felt like it was only a couple months ago since the injury.. Damn time goes by fast! I called it my zombie bite.

The story behind my zombie bite was I used to run at night all the time sometimes around 11 PM because I get off work late, and it just so happens it was one of those nights when the injury happened, on top of that I was tired and sleepy, the parking lot in the park was empty my vision blurred for a sec due to lack of sleep from the previous night, right when I was jumping over a parking lot curb I guess I didn’t jump high enough and on top of that there was a tiny downhill after the curb, I tripped over the curb and hit my shin pretty badly. I got up and continue running because I didn’t felt the pain until it hit me a bit later, I notice it was bleeding pretty badly and the skin was scraped off and later on my lower leg got swollen.

That happened on Sept.4th 2012, it’s just a little over 8 months now and I still have the scar. Even with that happened I still continue to work out and run almost every single day till this day, don’t let a little battle scar scare you away what you’ve worked so hard for, to me it’s not how much you have left till you reach your goal, it’s how far you’ve come.

On the side note there’s something I find funny about it.. When I do consume enough alcohol, it gets it’s own “Asian glow” (it’ll get red and hot around the scar, not quite sure if that’s normal.. o.o)

I warned ya:

Zombie Bite Then

WoundZombie Bite Now
After scar

You made it to the end of the post! I made a quick little random video of Mr.Boom Boom.

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  1. This is good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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