Steam Summer Sale Day 9: What’s Yours Is Mine.. 3 Days To Go


How are you guys doing today? We’re on Day 9 of Steam Summer Sale, are you guys getting tired of me updating you yet? Hahah

I still see quite a few repeats.. I still feel as if Steam is holding out on us, maybe Day 11 and Day 12 will be better? I do hope so.. But for now, we’re on Day 9.

1.) EVE Online – 75% off [$4.98] Meh.

  • This is the starter pack and monthly subscription fees are required after the first month.
  • For more info about the starter pack click here.

2.) Sid Meier’s Civilization V – 75% off [$7.49] Repeat.

  • Worth the grab if you like strategy games.

3.) Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition 75% off [$4.99] Repeat.

  • Grab if you like strategy role playing games. I wouldn’t worry about missing it too much.
  • Was at this price many times before even when it’s not Steam Summer Sale.

4.) Metro: Last Light 40% off [$29.99] Repeat but grab!

  • I’m actually grabbing this myself, it’s a repeat, I thought it’d come down more but at this point I don’t think it will.
  • You can grab Metro Franchise Pack for $35.99 it includes Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Ranger Mode, and RPK for Metro Last Light.

5.) Trials Evolution: Gold Edition 50% off [$9.99] Grab.

  • This game is actually pretty damn fun, it’s not the type of game I dabble into often but it’s worth the grab.

6.) Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine – 50% off [$7.44] Fun grab.

  • Fun game playing with friends, definitely worth of a grab!

7.) Train Simulator 2013 – 80% off [$10.99] Meh.

8.) Grid 2 40% off [$29.99] Meh but if you’re a fan of racing games go for it.

9.) Awsomenauts66% off [$3.39] Great price, go for it.

10.) Skyrim Legendary Edition40% off [$35.99] Grab. Repeat. 

  • Now is the time to grab the DLC if you already have the game!

Flash Sale

Fallout New Vegas 75% off [$2.49] Grab.

Star Conflict Elite Pilot Pack 50% off [$39.99] Seems fun.

FTL75% off [$2.49] Good price, grab.

Hitman: Absolution 75% off [$6.24] Repeat.

Well that’s it for Day 9 of Steam Summer Sale, on to Day 10 we go! Hope that was at least somewhat helpful to you.

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  1. I personally at this point in the sale, we won’t see any major deals. I was hoping for 66% off on Assassins Creed III.

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