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Cleamie Missing In Action?!

cookie monster cupcake!

Cleamie is missing in action? Not for long! I apologize guys that I haven’t been posting or updating, my computer ran into some trouble  among other things in life, but I’m fixing it at the moment, hopefully be back before the weekend is over!

First I would like to take this moment and thank those who followed me, liked my posts and also I always appreciate those who left me some suggestions. Cupcakes for everyone! 😀

I felt horrible not blogging for the past 3-4 days! Since I can’t record/film at the moment I will be covering 1 or 2 topics gaming related blog post(s), to make it up to you guys, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Once I fix my computer and recover from gamer rage from not having a computer (jk) I will be uploading more S.T.A.L.K.E.R with a graphic mod to improve the graphics on the game, as well as Left 4 Dead that I’ve been looking forward to record for a while now.