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Steam Summer Sale Day 10: Let The Strongest Live And The Weakest Die

Are those newly added sales I see? I hope you are getting all the games you’ve been hoping for!

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Having trouble controlling yourself? Check out my Steam Summer Sale survival guide for some giggles. Are you ready for Day 10? Let’s get this started.

Day 10

1.) Prison Architect 34% off [$19.79] Seems interesting.

2.) Natural Selection 75% off [$6.24] Worthy grab if you are actually going to play it.

3.) Saints Row The Third75% off [$4.99] Repeat, been at this price MANY times!

4.) Omerta: City of Gangsters75% off [$9.99] Meh, no.

5.) Counter Strike: Global Offensive66% off [$5.09] Eh.

  • The game is included in the Valve Complete Pack for $5.09 and the whole Valve Complete Pack is $34 it includes 23 other games.

6.) Starforge Alpha50% off [$9.99] High Potentials! Wouldn’t shy away from this one if you want to try something new and unique!

  • A First Person Shooter, Strategy, Role Playing sandbox game with plenty crafting to go around along with PvP and PvE opportunities. 
  • Purchase this and you can get early access.

7.) Worms Revolution75% off [$3.74] Damn, how many Worms games are there?!

8.) Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed75% off [$7.49] Loved sonic, seems fun, why not?

9.) Star Wars Knights Old Republic: The Sith Lords66% off [$3.39] Eh, why not.

10.) Assassins Creed III40% off [$23.99] Repeat, been cheaper before, grab worthy!

Flash Sales & Community’s Choice

Day 10 Flash Sale

Final Fantasy VII 33% off [$8.09] Grab! Classic!

  • Was super excited seeing this on steam and even more now it’s on sale! Do want!

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – 66% off [$20.39] Would wait for it to come down more.

PAYDAY: The Heist – 75% off [$4.99] Repeat.

  • I actually like this game, very similar mechanic compared to Left 4 Dead so it was easy to pick up for me.

Mortal Kombat33% off [$20.09] Want but would probably wait.

Just Cause 280% off [$2.99] Repeat, grab if you don’t have it yet! 

Thank you for reading as always, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s Steam Summer Sale, I was happy to see some new sales up today it gives me hope for a better sale tomorrow. Don’t let me down Steam!

So tell me, what game did you get today? or what game do you want from today’s sale? For me would probably be Star Forge, it actually peaked my interest.