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Hotline Miami with Cleamie: Chapter 9 – OMG COPS ARE AFTER ME?!

Hotline Miami

You see that bloody bunny? That’s right! Hotline Miami with Cleamie is back!

Wooooo~ It’s June! Are you guys excited that it’s almost summer?! or other part of the world almost winter?? I’m starting the month out one horrible day at a time! But don’t worry.. be happy! (That’s what I keep telling myself or try to..)

Cleamie is playing Hotline Miami again? And cops are after me!? Say whaaa? Hope you haven’t been waiting too long..

Cleamie Thumb up!

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Hope you guys enjoyed that. As always open to suggestions, criticisms, feedbacks you name it! I’m thinking about doing something a little different in the next post.. Stay tuned! Subscribe, follow or like are appreciated! If not I’ll still love ya!