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History with Zombies- Resident Evil 2 and DayZ

For those who knows me I’ve always enjoyed all things zombie related. I just want to share a little bit of my history with “zombies”. When I was 8 years old I fell in love with the game Resident Evil 2 also known as Biohazard 2. I’m  pretty sure most of you heard, played, or seen the game series or maybe have watched the movies.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 (Biohazard 2) was developed by Capcom for Playstation 1. The story takes place in Raccoon City where the residents got turned into zombies by the T-Virus, a Bio Weapon developed by the Umbrella Corp. You play as Leon S. Kennedy, first day on the job as a Police Officer at Raccoon City (“Bad Luck Leon”anyone? xD)  Later on bumped into Claire Redfield who is looking for her brother Chris Redfield. With the fix camera view and the creepy slow door creaking open loading screen adds on the freaky feeling to this great survival horror game, not to mention puzzles, and limited ammo makes the game a little bit more challenging.

Unfortunately I don’t enjoy the other Resident Evil games as much as the 2nd one like the survival horror has been taking out of rest of the Resident Evil series.


Through out my experiences of trying out all different types of zombie games for years the DayZ mod from Arma 2 really made an impression on me, the realism of the gameplay really is really intriguing, it is definitely not a game where you can jump in for 20 mins and stop, being dropped into a huge map making it hard to meet up with your friends, on top of that having to worry about hunger, thirst, and your temperature for the total survival experience. Not only would you have to worry about finding supplies and zombies hearing or seeing you, you have to worry about other players killing you and robbing everything you spent hours scavenging. It’s kill or be killed right? 😛

Here is my favorite video on YouTube on DayZ.

I would like to know what is your favorite zombie game or horror game? If you don’t like horror games, what is your favorite game or games?

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