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Cleamie’s Music Festival/Event Survival Guide

So this is kind of off topic but on the subject of survival guides.. I thought it’ll be kind of cool to make a series of survival guides. Off topic and on topic of gaming. This just happens to be an off-topic one. If you missed my previous survival guide you can clickety-click here for Steam Summer Sale Survival Guide.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Marco Torres

Like many of you music lovers, I love going to music festivals, events, shows and concerts and have been going to them for about 6 years now mainly EDM ones, today I’d like to share some tips and tricks I learned over the years, I’ll keep it short to rave/event standards. Let’s jump in shall we?


1.) Wear Comfortable Footwear!

  • Remember to wear comfortable footwear while going to bigger events like Electric Daisy Carnival or Hard Summer, not all events have even terrain and floor, I know you ladies like to look sexy in heels but I’ve seen plenty of girls tripping all over the place or end up taking off their heels at the end of the night, that’s not very attractive..

Drawstring Pack

2.) Fanny Pack, Drawstring Packs, or Small Shoulder Bags.

  • They’re cheap and small usually meets the 10×10 or 12×12 guidelines of big events.
  • Keep all your belongings in one place and easy to grab, it’s also approve by all the events, sometimes I have gotten in with fluffy backpacks before but not always.

Extended Battery Pack

3.) Extended Cellphone Battery

  • If you’re going to be taking pics and recording videos on your cellphone better bring a extended cellphone charger!


4.) Walkie Talkies

  • Always bring walkie talkie, good luck getting service at big events, invest in a good walkie talkie with more private channels that way you don’t have other people talking in your channel and getting mixed up.
  • The one we got is the Midland GXT1000VP4 works great!


5.) Stay Hydrated

  • First thing I always do is purchase a bottle of water when I enter. It’s important to stay hydrated because of all the fluids and sweat you’ll lose over the course of time from dancing. If you’re going to be drinking, alcohol is a diuretic so it’s important to keep hydrated.


6.) Sealed Packs of Gum

  • Never know when you need some gum! Be nice and share with others!


7.) Sealed ChapStick/Lip Balm

  • Especially in hot summer time when your lips tends to get chapped. 

Port-a Potty

8.) IMPORTANT: Toilet Paper!

  • You’ll thank me later! Bring some toilet paper, not only for yourself but you will never know what to expect when you open those doors to the dreadful port-a potties.
  • Plus there are plenty of other uses for toilet paper it’s a no-brainer..

Hand Sanitizer

9.) Sealed Hand Sanitizer or Wet Wipes

  • Touched something icky? Or ate some messy festival food? You got that covered!
  • Not all events let you in with them but usually they sell them at their general store.

Plurr Heart

10.) P.L.U.R.R, Good Vibes, and Smile!

  • Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility, most people don’t use the extra R in there but Cleamie does! Remember to rage responsibly ♥ !
  • Good vibes and smile, you came to have fun and experience an incredible experience with many other music lovers! It is the place to let your stress go at least for the day.

You made it through! Have a cookie!

Cookie Monster

Question: What is your favorite music festival or concert that you’ve been to?

Hope you guys enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoy writing it. Maybe I should post a music festival port-a potty survival guide huh? Hahah Leave any suggestions, advice and criticism as always. Remember: Rave responsibly!

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