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Food for thought

This is real talk. I suck. It has been more than 5 years since I’ve posted..

When life gets to you, you pick and choose what you put aside to make time for others, my blog/youtube was not something I’ve intentionally wanted to put aside, I’ve gotten so wrapped up in my work life, my social life and dealing with ups and downs of pent up stress and anxiety.

I just want to take the time to be transparent to the readers (if there are even any one reading this) and myself, I am my worst enemy,  I tends to overthink things and make things more difficult on myself. For example; I have many things I want to blog about but I know better to know to only stick to one thing but my aspiration is to reach out to many different types of people.

So don’t be surprised if I blog about something else besides video games, I am just in the process of refocusing myself.

What have I been doing the past 5 years? It is a scary thought isn’t it?