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Steam Summer Sale: The Walk of Shame


I know we’re all are burnt out from the Steam Summer Sale that happened recently, and probably am tired of me updating you guys on it daily but here is one last post regarding it. I just want to share a little of what I got from the Steam Summer Sale 2013.

I made a Steam Summer Sale Survival Guide but I didn’t completely follow it myself. *Ashamed :(* But I did end up getting really good deals on the games I’ve been wanting to grab.

Saints Row 3 Booty_Shaking_Lessons_

July 11th is when it all all started, I picked up Borderlands 2 Season Pass ($10.19) and Hotline Miami ($2.49) Now, I already own a copy of DMR-Free Hotline Miami from GOG but I just want to get it on Steam for the achievements and it was a great price.

July 12th Darksiders II ($9.99)Sleeping Dogs ($6.24)

July 14th Borderlands 2: Siren Domination Pack ($0.33)

July 15th Dishonored ($10.19)

July 16th System Shock 2 ($2.49)

July 19th Far Cry 3 ($23.99)

July 20th Metro: Last Light ($29.99)

July 21st Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC ($9.99) | Torchlight II ($4.99)

Total I spent about $110.88 overall in the Steam Summer Sale not as bad as I thought, and I did not spend as much money as I did compare to previous years.

And thank you to a little special someone for getting me Fez, Star Forge and Dark Souls can’t wait to try them out.

So how did you guys do?

Steam Summer Sale Day 11: Last Call For Best Encores.. Sorta

Steam Summer Sale, we love you, our wallets hate you, but we’ll still welcome you with open arms next year.

We’re finally here.. Last day of the Steam Summer Sale.. I really hope you guys got all the games you wished for at the best price possible!

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1.) Bioshock Infinite 50% off [$29.99] Here’s your last chance to grab!

2.) Borderlands 266% off [$10.19] I know it’s been at this price many times but grab if you haven’t yet.

3.) Kerbal Space Program40% off [$13.79] Seems like a goofy game, not bad.

4.) Skyrim40% off [$35.99] Price stayed the same, grabbity grab grab RPG fans.

5.) Chivalry75% off [$6.24] Grab, now go chop some heads off.

6.) Tomb Raider75% off [$12.49] Last chance Tomb Raider fans.

7.) Torchlight II75% off [$4.99] Definitely a worthy grab.

8.) Civilization75% off [$7.49] Here we go again, repeat.

9.) Dishonored66% off [$10.19] Repeat but probably one of the best grab in the Steam Summer Sale.

10.) The Walking Dead75% off [$6.24] Grab.

Flash Sale Day 11

1.) Arma II – 66% off [$8.49]  Been wanting to get it for DayZ ? Here’s your last chance~

2.) Sanctum 2 50% off [$7.49] Eh

3.) Just Cause 280% off [$2.99] Great price.

4.) Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion75% off [$9.99] Interesting Real Time Strategy game.

Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That Special Edition Double Pack 49 cents. Use some of those money you got from selling cards in the market.

Well that’s it for this year’s Steam Summer Sale, to be honest I was hoping for better sales hahah. Did you guys started on any of the games that you’ve purchased? cause I sure haven’t yet hahah.

Steam Summer Sale Day 10: Let The Strongest Live And The Weakest Die

Are those newly added sales I see? I hope you are getting all the games you’ve been hoping for!

For previous Steam Summer Sale updates clickety-click HERE.

Having trouble controlling yourself? Check out my Steam Summer Sale survival guide for some giggles. Are you ready for Day 10? Let’s get this started.

Day 10

1.) Prison Architect 34% off [$19.79] Seems interesting.

2.) Natural Selection 75% off [$6.24] Worthy grab if you are actually going to play it.

3.) Saints Row The Third75% off [$4.99] Repeat, been at this price MANY times!

4.) Omerta: City of Gangsters75% off [$9.99] Meh, no.

5.) Counter Strike: Global Offensive66% off [$5.09] Eh.

  • The game is included in the Valve Complete Pack for $5.09 and the whole Valve Complete Pack is $34 it includes 23 other games.

6.) Starforge Alpha50% off [$9.99] High Potentials! Wouldn’t shy away from this one if you want to try something new and unique!

  • A First Person Shooter, Strategy, Role Playing sandbox game with plenty crafting to go around along with PvP and PvE opportunities. 
  • Purchase this and you can get early access.

7.) Worms Revolution75% off [$3.74] Damn, how many Worms games are there?!

8.) Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed75% off [$7.49] Loved sonic, seems fun, why not?

9.) Star Wars Knights Old Republic: The Sith Lords66% off [$3.39] Eh, why not.

10.) Assassins Creed III40% off [$23.99] Repeat, been cheaper before, grab worthy!

Flash Sales & Community’s Choice

Day 10 Flash Sale

Final Fantasy VII 33% off [$8.09] Grab! Classic!

  • Was super excited seeing this on steam and even more now it’s on sale! Do want!

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – 66% off [$20.39] Would wait for it to come down more.

PAYDAY: The Heist – 75% off [$4.99] Repeat.

  • I actually like this game, very similar mechanic compared to Left 4 Dead so it was easy to pick up for me.

Mortal Kombat33% off [$20.09] Want but would probably wait.

Just Cause 280% off [$2.99] Repeat, grab if you don’t have it yet! 

Thank you for reading as always, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s Steam Summer Sale, I was happy to see some new sales up today it gives me hope for a better sale tomorrow. Don’t let me down Steam!

So tell me, what game did you get today? or what game do you want from today’s sale? For me would probably be Star Forge, it actually peaked my interest.

Steam Summer Sale Day 9: What’s Yours Is Mine.. 3 Days To Go


How are you guys doing today? We’re on Day 9 of Steam Summer Sale, are you guys getting tired of me updating you yet? Hahah

I still see quite a few repeats.. I still feel as if Steam is holding out on us, maybe Day 11 and Day 12 will be better? I do hope so.. But for now, we’re on Day 9.

1.) EVE Online – 75% off [$4.98] Meh.

  • This is the starter pack and monthly subscription fees are required after the first month.
  • For more info about the starter pack click here.

2.) Sid Meier’s Civilization V – 75% off [$7.49] Repeat.

  • Worth the grab if you like strategy games.

3.) Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition 75% off [$4.99] Repeat.

  • Grab if you like strategy role playing games. I wouldn’t worry about missing it too much.
  • Was at this price many times before even when it’s not Steam Summer Sale.

4.) Metro: Last Light 40% off [$29.99] Repeat but grab!

  • I’m actually grabbing this myself, it’s a repeat, I thought it’d come down more but at this point I don’t think it will.
  • You can grab Metro Franchise Pack for $35.99 it includes Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Ranger Mode, and RPK for Metro Last Light.

5.) Trials Evolution: Gold Edition 50% off [$9.99] Grab.

  • This game is actually pretty damn fun, it’s not the type of game I dabble into often but it’s worth the grab.

6.) Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine – 50% off [$7.44] Fun grab.

  • Fun game playing with friends, definitely worth of a grab!

7.) Train Simulator 2013 – 80% off [$10.99] Meh.

8.) Grid 2 40% off [$29.99] Meh but if you’re a fan of racing games go for it.

9.) Awsomenauts66% off [$3.39] Great price, go for it.

10.) Skyrim Legendary Edition40% off [$35.99] Grab. Repeat. 

  • Now is the time to grab the DLC if you already have the game!

Flash Sale

Fallout New Vegas 75% off [$2.49] Grab.

Star Conflict Elite Pilot Pack 50% off [$39.99] Seems fun.

FTL75% off [$2.49] Good price, grab.

Hitman: Absolution 75% off [$6.24] Repeat.

Well that’s it for Day 9 of Steam Summer Sale, on to Day 10 we go! Hope that was at least somewhat helpful to you.

Steam Summer Sale Day 8: Did I Ever Tell You What The Definition Of Insanity Is?

“Insanity is doing the exact… same fucking thing… over and over again expecting shit to change… That is.. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, I shot him.”- Vaas, Farcry 3.

Repeats Everywhere

Barely surviving the waves of Steam Summer Sale? Check out my survival guide! Previous Summer Sales: Day 6 | Day 7

Welcome to another edition of Steam Summer Sale. How’s Day 8 of Steam Summer Sale looking so far? Cleamie’s thought in one simple pic..

Day 8

Let’s jump into today’s Steam Summer Sale shall we?

1.) Torchlight II 75% off [$4.99] Repeat.. but would grab.

2.) Call of Duty MW3 50% off [$19.99] CoD Fan? ok.

3.) XCOM Enemy Unkown75% off [$9.99] Grab.

4.) Sim City 470% off [$5.99] Repeat.

5. Garry’s Mod75% off [$2.49] Repeat, Grab

6.) Farcry 340% off [$23.99] Repeat, Grab!!

7.) Van Helsing50% off [$7.49] Hack and Slash RPG why not?

8.) Euro Truck Simulator 275% off [$9.99] Honk Honk! Repeat, not my cup of tea.

9.) Magicka75% off [$2.49] Grab, playing with friends just makes it even more chaotic and beware of team killing left and right!

10.) Infestation Survivor Stories75% off [$3.74] No, just no!

Flash Deal

Flash Sale

Dungeon Defenders $2.24 – Grab, $7.49 for collection if you want to get into it.

Age of Empires II HD Edition$9.99 – Strategy is your thing? good game, grab.

Borderlands 2$10.19 – Repeat repeat repeat but good game either way. For $10.19 more you can get the season pass.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – $6.24 – Grab, repeat but definitely fun.

Well that’s all for today’s Steam Summer Sale, Day 9 here we come!

Steam Summer Sale Day 7: Grand Dark Deus of Arkham City

Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of Steam Summer Sale, itching to grab something from today’s Steam Summer Sale?

Let’s get this started! I’ll keep this nice and short for you all.

1.) Dead Island Riptide – 50% off  [$19.99] No!

  • When Dead Island first came out it was way over hyped, one of several games that I regret buying. I did not even buy this one just cause it looks exactly like the first game but in a slightly different area.

2.) Batman Arkham City – 75% off [$7.49] Repeat but go ahead.

3.) Ace of Spades – 75% off [$2.49] Cheap but I wouldn’t.

4.) Fallen Enchntress – 66% off [$13.59] Meh no.

5.) Evoland – 50% off [$4.99] Eh, get it if you’re a fan of final fantasy.

6.) Dark Souls – 75% off [$7.49] Grab, make sure you have a controller!

7.) Tropico 4 – 80% off [$5.99] Repeat Repeat Repeat

8.) Mount & Blade Warband – 75% off [$4.99] Eh.

9.) Deus Ex Human Revolution – 85% off [$2.99] Grab, it’s a great game.

10.) Grand Theft Auto IV – 75% off [$4.99] Repeat, it’s been at this price many times before.

Repeat Rate too damn high

Saints Row The Third – 75% off [$4.99] Grab

  • This game is pretty underrated for a while in my opinion I enjoyed it, you can grab the full package for $7.49

Fez – 50% off [$4.99] Grab

Rage – 75% off [$4.99] Skip

Bastion – 85% off [$2.24] Grab