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Therapeutic Head Smashing On Saints Row IV

Saints Row Nut Punch

Saints Row IV never fail at making me feel like a super hero with awesome melee combat animations that is why a lot of times I prefer melee over guns. Unless it’s the dubstep gun of course..

I haven’t finish the game yet but so far this game makes my character feel OP with all the over-the-top super powers, but needless to say it is a nice break from a lot of your typical games out there sometimes you just want to punch an alien in the nuts.

I am kind of disappointed to see that they used a modified version of the map from Saints Row: The Third, but I have to say they can pull it off, this game is funny and crazy. As a super hardcore music lover, I also very much appreciate the fact that you can listen to the radio station without being in a car!

Here are a couple things that I like to do in Saints Row IV.

Sometimes smashing heads isn’t therapeutic enough.. I turn to orbiting and lots of wub wub wub to escape the world.

I want to know what do you do to escape the world?

Outlast: Ready To Pee Your Pants?


How scary would it be to be in a long-abandoned Asylum you asked? Why not live through this hell-of-an-experience through the eyes of Miles Upshur? As an independent journalist it’s always nice to discover things on your own right? WRONG! Wait till you see what’s hiding deep inside of Mount Massive Asylum.

Outlast‘s story is told through the investigations of Miles, finding clues and paperwork. Think of Fatal Frame for the camera/handheld camcorder you’re having to use or maybe Clock Tower minus the holy water and bow meets Amnesia, the suspense of peeking around corners, sneaking pass enemies and hiding in tight spots not having any form of weapon really hits the spot in my taste of survival horror games.

Outlast ScreenieWould really love to play the Demo of the game but might have to wait for the fast approaching release on September 4th available on Steam. (Sorry console players.. PC only) The game is on Pre-Order for $14.99, after that it’ll be back up to $19.99. Many have asked, and I also wonder will this be the next Amnesia?

I’m curious, will you be getting Outlast? If so, what do you expect from the game? If not, why the hell not?

Dota 2 International 2013 LIVE!


Dota 2 International Day 1 Just ended, and I’ve got to say I’ve never been so immersed in watching eSports before. I started watching it when the first game just started around 12:30pm, it was Upper Bracket – Natus Vincere vs Orange.Neolution. Spoiler: Na’Vi lost the first round but turned around and kicked ass in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

All the teams did great, one of the highlight for me that was amazing to watch was when LGD-Gaming.Int vs Fnatic in the Lower Bracket. Fnatic did an amazing job after losing to TongFu in the Upper Bracket.

Invictus Gaming won first place in The International 2012 so I’m excited to see how they will do up against DK tomorrow.



You can watch them Live here! Start at the same time 12PM.

Also if you missed it you can watch Day 1 HERE!

Frozen Synapse Free Game Giveaway

Looking for a game that’ll truly give you a challenge? Frozen Synapse might just be your game. 

Frozen Synapse

What the hell is Frozen Synapse?

It is a brilliant tactical turn-based strategy game. The story takes place in a cyber punk future where you are  a tactical commander assisting a resistance faction against a corporate government regime which has used its power to manipulate the populace.

Environments & Gameplay

The maps are randomly generated to create a range of walls and covers, as well as starting points for the squads.

Each round the player order varies individual armed units to eliminate the enemy squad, protect and escort the hostage. In multiplayer mode there are last-man-standing deathmatch, area protection and hostage extraction.


With that said on each turn, the players commands the soldier to a specific way point, you can set the direction the soldier is facing, as well as how the soldier aim, and shoot.

Once all the players are happy and commit to their action, watch how everything play out.

Dr. Evil seal of approval.

Frozen Synapse Red

Frozen Synapse Red is an expansion pack that was released on May 29th 2012, they added co-op gameplay for the single player campaign (human vs AI) as well as 15 new single player campaign missions, new multiplayer game mode, new riot shield unit, 10 new single player challenge missions as well as many other features.

Where can I get Frozen Synapse?

Frozen Synapse is available on iPad, Google play, Steam (Windows, Mac & Linux compatible!), as well as their main website.

Frozen Synapse Coupon

Now if you made it all the way down to here, I have a 33% off coupon for Frozen Synapse for 1 of you, and the Frozen Synapse game on Steam for the other.

I will also give you 2 of my favorite emoticons on Steam. Mr. Boom Boom & Mr. Derp Tank~

Mr. Boom Boom & Mr. Derp Tank

I know *pshh* it isn’t much right? But hey it helps, and it’s a free game! This is my first give-away and hopefully to bring you many more in the future. The Coupon is good till July 30th, I will be randomly picking 2 winners (1st and 2nd) on July 27th (Saturday) using 

One person is getting the game and the 2 emoticons and the second person is getting the coupon!

Rules Are Simple

  • Follow my Blog
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  • Must have a Steam account
  • Leave a comment below with your Steam ID or add me on Steam if you have a common Steam ID name

Thank you all for reading as always, any questions, suggestions, feedback, or criticism contact me in the contact page!

Left 4 Dead 2: Silent Hill: Otherside of Life Ep.2 Pt. 1

Episode 2 Silent_Hill Otherside of Life

In this episode of Left 4 Dead 2: Silent Hill: Otherside of Life we got lost many many times and couldn’t figure out where to go for a while but we’re not going to make you sit through all that, we cut out the boring parts for ya!

Here is Episode 2 Part 1!

Overall despite how long each stages are I really enjoyed playing this stage.

If you missed any or for previous Left 4 Dead 2 videos from Active Variety check them out HERE. We also have some Cry of Fear videos on that channel that was uploaded a while back if you’re interested.

Have you guys tried this map out? Or are there any custom Left 4 Dead maps that you love? Would love to know and check them out!

Steam Summer Sale: The Walk of Shame


I know we’re all are burnt out from the Steam Summer Sale that happened recently, and probably am tired of me updating you guys on it daily but here is one last post regarding it. I just want to share a little of what I got from the Steam Summer Sale 2013.

I made a Steam Summer Sale Survival Guide but I didn’t completely follow it myself. *Ashamed :(* But I did end up getting really good deals on the games I’ve been wanting to grab.

Saints Row 3 Booty_Shaking_Lessons_

July 11th is when it all all started, I picked up Borderlands 2 Season Pass ($10.19) and Hotline Miami ($2.49) Now, I already own a copy of DMR-Free Hotline Miami from GOG but I just want to get it on Steam for the achievements and it was a great price.

July 12th Darksiders II ($9.99)Sleeping Dogs ($6.24)

July 14th Borderlands 2: Siren Domination Pack ($0.33)

July 15th Dishonored ($10.19)

July 16th System Shock 2 ($2.49)

July 19th Far Cry 3 ($23.99)

July 20th Metro: Last Light ($29.99)

July 21st Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC ($9.99) | Torchlight II ($4.99)

Total I spent about $110.88 overall in the Steam Summer Sale not as bad as I thought, and I did not spend as much money as I did compare to previous years.

And thank you to a little special someone for getting me Fez, Star Forge and Dark Souls can’t wait to try them out.

So how did you guys do?