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Steam Summer Sale: The Walk of Shame


I know we’re all are burnt out from the Steam Summer Sale that happened recently, and probably am tired of me updating you guys on it daily but here is one last post regarding it. I just want to share a little of what I got from the Steam Summer Sale 2013.

I made a Steam Summer Sale Survival Guide but I didn’t completely follow it myself. *Ashamed :(* But I did end up getting really good deals on the games I’ve been wanting to grab.

Saints Row 3 Booty_Shaking_Lessons_

July 11th is when it all all started, I picked up Borderlands 2 Season Pass ($10.19) and Hotline Miami ($2.49) Now, I already own a copy of DMR-Free Hotline Miami from GOG but I just want to get it on Steam for the achievements and it was a great price.

July 12th Darksiders II ($9.99)Sleeping Dogs ($6.24)

July 14th Borderlands 2: Siren Domination Pack ($0.33)

July 15th Dishonored ($10.19)

July 16th System Shock 2 ($2.49)

July 19th Far Cry 3 ($23.99)

July 20th Metro: Last Light ($29.99)

July 21st Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC ($9.99) | Torchlight II ($4.99)

Total I spent about $110.88 overall in the Steam Summer Sale not as bad as I thought, and I did not spend as much money as I did compare to previous years.

And thank you to a little special someone for getting me Fez, Star Forge and Dark Souls can’t wait to try them out.

So how did you guys do?

Steam Summer Sale: Day 6 Still Have Money In Your Wallet?

Today is the half way point of Steam Summer Sale, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one thinking Steam is holding out on us there must be better discounts!

I just want to share and list a little about what games I would personally grab and what games I would wait for. Don’t forget to follow my Steam Summer Sale Survival Guide to be sure to save some money for food!


1.) System Shock 2 – 75% off ($2.49) Grab! 

  • System Shock 2 was released in 1999. It is a action role-playing survival horror game, even though it’s old it’s one of the greatest underrated PC game.

2.) Alan Wake – 90% off ($2.99) Grab!

  • Alan Wake was in Humble Bundle couple months ago in case you missed it grab it now on steam. The game came out in 2010. Creepy atmosphere, intense combat, storytelling survival based game.

3.) The Secret World – 50% off ($14.99) Meh.

  • MMORPG gone from pay to play to buy to play, I waited for the game for years and I closed beta tested the game, it had great potentials, didn’t live up to my standards. It’s worth a try if you’re looking for a MMORPG just to fool around in, not a MMO I’d spend a lot of time on.

4.) Mark of The Ninja – 75% off ($3.74) Grab!

  • Side scrolling 2D action adventure indie game, I personally haven’t got a chance to play this myself but I’ve heard many great things about it. Thinking about grabbing it myself 🙂

5.) Sleeping Dog – 75% off ($6.24) Grab!

  • Similar to the game Grand Theft Auto that we all come to love, a open world game that you play as an undercover cop trying to take down the criminals from inside out with plenty of quests and awesome melee combat action-ness! (I know that’s not a word shhh) Anyways grab the game already!

6.) DmC Devil May Cry – 50% off ($24.99) Meh.

  • Growing up loving this series of chaotic action pack gothic game on the Playstation up until Devil May Cry 4, tried it on the PC needless to say it wasn’t made to be played on the PC, I ended up using my controllers to play, I can tell that it wasn’t like the previous Devil May Cry that I come to love. I would grab it if it comes down a little lower just to give it a try.

7.) Orc Must Die 2 – 75% off ($3.74) Why not. 

  • Co-op orc slaying action indie game, why not?

8.) Rising Storm – 50% off ($9.99) For all you Red Orchestra fans grab it.

  • Save 25% if you own Red Orchestra 2!

9.) Crysis 2 Maximum Edition – 70% off ($8.99) Meh.

  • It was in a Crysis bundle sale on day 3.

Shut up and take my money

Dishonored – 66% off ($10.19) Grab!

  • It’s been staying at $10.19 for a while now grab it while you can, won’t regret it!

Amnesia – 80% off ($3.99) Grab! Flash Deal  POOF!

  • Indie horror game that’ll make your heart stop while being chase by monsters you can’t even see

Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition – 70% off ($8.99) Grab!

  • Love love love the games Bioware made, fell in love with the Mass Effect series, I just had to grab Dragon Age when it first came out, needless to say amazing roleplaying game! Ultimate Edition includes Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening and all 9 content packs which I bought one by one when it first came out, storyline’s amazing.

The rest I didn’t list because I’ve seen it gone down lower and will probably get lower before the Summer Sale is over. I think Sleeping Dog and Dishonored is well worth the price, so tell me what game do you think is well worth the price in today’s Steam Summer Sale? Once again feedbacks, suggestions, and criticism are always welcome!