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Steam Summer Sale: Cleamie’s Steam Summer Sale Survival Guide.

Steam Summer Sale

You know what time it is.. It’s Steam Summer Sale time, going from July 11th ~ July 22nd. How are you guys surviving so far?

As you all know every year Steam holds a Summer Sale for many popular game titles, this year is no different, every single year I always end up spending money on games that I never would finish.

This year they stepped up their game by adding the trading cards that I mentioned few posts back where you collect cards and get rewarded with random profile background, more cards, experience points to level up on steam to unlock more profile options and more friend list slots. You collect the cards by playing the games that has cards available to them and trade them with your friends or buy/sell them on the marketplace.

Today I want to share a few tips on how to survive Steam’s Summer Sale.

Take My Money!

1. Set A Limit

Don’t go all crazy seeing all the discounts and start buying every game you see! A lot of these games actually drops 20-45% more later on in the week! So set a budget on how much you are willing to spend for the sale. Write every thing you bought down and the price you bought it for down if you have to. If you are going to participate in the trading card game and are going to buy cards in the market set a limit on that too.

2. Wishlist

Another great way to keep reminding yourself the games you really V.S. the game you kind of want and probably won’t even play is add the games you really want to get on your wishlist, steam actually have this great system now that they’ll email you when there’s a big discount on the games on your wishlist.

3. Trading Cards

If you get duplicate cards or you just don’t want to do the trading card game sell them on the market place! They may range from 10 cents to 50 cents for the normal cards but in the end they add up, you can use the money towards a game you want.

If you are into the trading cards try trading them with friends before hitting the market place.

Note: Every 10$ you spend you get a trading card, by voting in Community Choice you will get 1-2 trading cards as well and you can get limited amount of cards by playing certain games with cards available to them.

4. Flash Sales & Community’s Choice

There are new Flash Sales every 8 hours, keep a look out for your favorite games on the flash sale, and vote for Community’s Choice they give you a trading card or two.

5. Don’t Worry

You missed a Flash Sale or Community’s Choice on a game you really would love to have? Don’t worry, they’ll most likely go down to the same price again during the week. For example: Borderlands 2($10.19) won the Community’s Choice a couple of days ago and the price went back up 8 hours later and now it’s down again to the same price.  So did Hitman: Absolution ($6.24).

6. Friends

If you’re worry about overspending? Tell your trusty friends to look out for you, they can see all the games you purchased on steam activity.

Gabe Sale Time

Hope you guys find that a little helpful, happy steam summer sale!

I’m curious to know what games did you get from the Steam Summer Sale that you won’t regret? For me would be Sleeping Dog and Season Pass to Borderlands 2.

Left 4 Dead 2: Dniepr Ep. 4 and Left 4 Dead Trading Cards? Yes, Please!

Left 4 Dead Zoey

This is episode 4 of Left 4 Dead 2’s custom map Dniepr on Active Variety, overall Nick and I enjoyed the custom map, I was afraid it might be short like most of the other custom maps but it was a good decent length.

Did you know Left 4 Dead have their own trading card game over Steam? If you are in the beta you can view them in your profile, you will receive 4 cards for owning Left 4 Dead 2, there are 8 cards total. To complete 8 cards you will need to trade with friends or even just people you come across. Hey, another way to meet new people right?

When you complete collecting all 8 you can craft it into a badge and earn emoticon item, profile background, chance to get a discount coupon, and 100 experience points for your steam level.

How do you guys feel about trading card games? It reminds me of back in the days when people used to trade Pokemon cards or Magic cards.

Will be glad to do more Left 4 Dead videos when we get back 🙂 we might do more custom maps or default maps in expert mode. Will take any suggestions of what other games to play multiplayer or single players as usual.

BLARG on another note.. Cleamie’s brain isn’t working at the moment, having to wake up super early to do inventory at work and so much to do for the past week very overwhelming will send my love to you all this weekend 🙂 On hour 21 of being awake. Goodnight all have a safe and wonderful weekend!