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Update: The end of the PC Rage

Hope you guys are having a great Memorial Day weekend! Just want to give you guys a quick little update on what’s going on.

The down side of fixing or building your own PC is the problems you might run into, I don’t know about you guys but whenever I fix a problem another one pops up, bad luck Cleamie huh?

Patrick Smashing PC

The good news is I got my computer up and running after 4-5 days of frustration, wanting to go “Cleamiiiie SMASH!” and turn into She-Hulk and I may have a little bit. I ended up reformatting all my hard drives and re-install windows 7 because a lot of my files were corrupted anyways after fixing it the first time.

It is always hard reformatting, my heart sunk a little after reformatting.. But hey fresh new start right?

I just got to download all the games while I’m sleeping and working and set up templates for video rendering and good to go again! Don’t lose hope on me yet!

ThumbsUp Sneaky little Super Meat Boy 😉

Update: I will be more active on Twitter so follow me on there if you would like for quick little updates!