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Hello Internet

Hotline MiamiHello internet, Cleamie here, this is my first blog post probably ever hahah, just a little bit about myself to get to know me, as you know I go by Cleamie (I know weird name) I love music and video games I also enjoy making people laugh and would love to bring the internet funny videos and gameplay videos, I just started recording and posting videos on YouTube not too long ago. If you guys want to check it out, I’m currently doing a “Lets-play” for Hotline Miami.

For those who don’t know, Hotline Miami is a 80’s inspired retro action indie game, very fast pace, it reminds me of GTA but in 16 bit retro graphics. Overall experience with being a n00b at recording and editing it’s still a little awkward talking to myself while recording so bear with me, I’ll get better I promise! Check out Hotline Miami with Cleamie it’s HERE 🙂

I upload videos as much as possible and will be bringing in more videos not just on Hotline Miami but FPS, RPG, MMOs, RTS..etc will take any suggestions! But for now, goodnight internet. Enjoy!