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Therapeutic Head Smashing On Saints Row IV

Saints Row Nut Punch

Saints Row IV never fail at making me feel like a super hero with awesome melee combat animations that is why a lot of times I prefer melee over guns. Unless it’s the dubstep gun of course..

I haven’t finish the game yet but so far this game makes my character feel OP with all the over-the-top super powers, but needless to say it is a nice break from a lot of your typical games out there sometimes you just want to punch an alien in the nuts.

I am kind of disappointed to see that they used a modified version of the map from Saints Row: The Third, but I have to say they can pull it off, this game is funny and crazy. As a super hardcore music lover, I also very much appreciate the fact that you can listen to the radio station without being in a car!

Here are a couple things that I like to do in Saints Row IV.

Sometimes smashing heads isn’t therapeutic enough.. I turn to orbiting and lots of wub wub wub to escape the world.

I want to know what do you do to escape the world?

Saints Row IV: Gunning Down Aliens Naked?

Naked with Gun Saints Row 4

Saints Row is back and more ridiculously entertaining as ever, with its release just a few days ago I couldn’t help myself picking up a copy and actually end up live streaming it on

If you guys missed it I pulled some footage together from the Live stream so you guys can watch, the quality isn’t as great as it would be if I were to record it instead of pulling the footage from the live stream record. I’ve always loved the characters in Saints Row series, they’re always so badass and funny.