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Hotline Miami with Cleamie: Chapter 9 – OMG COPS ARE AFTER ME?!

Hotline Miami

You see that bloody bunny? That’s right! Hotline Miami with Cleamie is back!

Wooooo~ It’s June! Are you guys excited that it’s almost summer?! or other part of the world almost winter?? I’m starting the month out one horrible day at a time! But don’t worry.. be happy! (That’s what I keep telling myself or try to..)

Cleamie is playing Hotline Miami again? And cops are after me!? Say whaaa? Hope you haven’t been waiting too long..

Cleamie Thumb up!

Want Hotline Miami on Steam? Check out Humble Bundle 8! You pay what you want and get the game bundle! You can choose which charity the money goes to or if you want to donate the money to the game developers you can do that too, it’s a guilt free way to buy games, even if the game isn’t all that great at least you donated to charity! **Honest Cleamie is Honest!**

Hope you guys enjoyed that. As always open to suggestions, criticisms, feedbacks you name it! I’m thinking about doing something a little different in the next post.. Stay tuned! Subscribe, follow or like are appreciated! If not I’ll still love ya!

Hotline Miami Chapter 8 and Upcoming Videos!

Hotline Miami face blown off?Hotline Miami Chapter 8 inbound! This one is a short one but still an enjoyable one :] The game so far has been fun there are times where I just want to keep playing it until I finish the game, it is a pretty fast paced game, I think a lot of people would be able to finish the game all in one sitting if you have the patience of getting killed 28 times like me.

S.T.A.L.K.E.RLeft 4 Dead Mr.Boom Boom

I’m also excited to finally get started on S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl and bringing you guys with me 😀 I’ve heard some people saying the game is creepy or scary so I’m curious to see how scary it really is. Next week or so I will be going back to one of my beloved game: Left 4 Dead, I’ve spent countless hours on both Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2, for those who knew me back then, the only way to play campaign mode as you know it.. Is playing it on expert mode! Unfortunately I will be super rusty at the game for I have not play the game in forever… You would think it would be imprinted in my brain by now right?.. We will see 😛 or wait to watch me fail (again?) xD I will keep you guys updated on that.

Last but not least here is Hotline Miami Chapter 8: Push it

Hotline Miami Chapter 7 with Bonus Footage

Hotline Miami

How are everyone today? I hope everyone survived the heat wave the past few days (those who are in southern California or anywhere else that got warm all of a sudden)

I’m back with more Hotline Miami, unfortunately when I recorded it my mic was on mute, I was raging by myself for the longest time with the frustration of fighting the evil evil biker for way longer than I should. I felt like a complete n00b after I edit the bonus footage, I knew I died a lot but I didn’t expect it to be that much. 😦 Am I the only one that had a hard time fighting him?

For the bonus video I added in a death counter it can go kind of fast but just to show you when I say I’m a n00b at this game I wasn’t’ kidding hahah. Please stay tuned for more videos and updates! 🙂 If you have any suggestions on what games I should play, or any advice and feedback please feel free to let me know! Till next times, thanks for reading!

Again you can check out all of my Hotline Miami videos HERE and I also added an extra fail n00bage bonus footage.

Hello Internet

Hotline MiamiHello internet, Cleamie here, this is my first blog post probably ever hahah, just a little bit about myself to get to know me, as you know I go by Cleamie (I know weird name) I love music and video games I also enjoy making people laugh and would love to bring the internet funny videos and gameplay videos, I just started recording and posting videos on YouTube not too long ago. If you guys want to check it out, I’m currently doing a “Lets-play” for Hotline Miami.

For those who don’t know, Hotline Miami is a 80’s inspired retro action indie game, very fast pace, it reminds me of GTA but in 16 bit retro graphics. Overall experience with being a n00b at recording and editing it’s still a little awkward talking to myself while recording so bear with me, I’ll get better I promise! Check out Hotline Miami with Cleamie it’s HERE 🙂

I upload videos as much as possible and will be bringing in more videos not just on Hotline Miami but FPS, RPG, MMOs, RTS..etc will take any suggestions! But for now, goodnight internet. Enjoy!